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Remember Lights Out for Loggerheads!


Loggerhead hatchlings may be disoriented by artificial lights. When loggerhead hatchlings emerge from the shell, they are attracted to the blue and green wavelengths of light which are naturally reflected off the ocean through celestial light. They use this natural light cue to navigate from the nest towards the ocean.  If an artificial light source on the beach is brighter than the natural ocean horizon, the hatchlings will head towards this artificial source.  The causes of these disorientations include streetlights, gas station lights, city sky glow, exterior lights on commercial establishments and beach front homes. People on or near the beach carrying flashlights or lanterns and bonfires can also disorient loggerhead hatchlings.


What You Can Do to Help Sea Turtles in South Carolina

* Obey local and county lighting ordinances.
* Observe from a distance. If you encounter a nesting turtle, do not shine lights on her or take flash

   photography. Stay behind the turtle so she cannot see you. Lights and human presence can cause her to abandon her nest effort.    

* Do not touch or prod an animal to move. Stay out of the way as she crawls back to the water.
* Turn off exterior lights visible from the beach, dusk to dawn, from May through October.
* Close blinds and drapes on windows where interior lights can be seen from the beach or ocean. 
* No flashlights, fireworks or bonfires on the beach.

* Fill in large holes dug on the beach at the end of the day because adult sea turtles and hatchlings can become trapped in them.
* Remove beach chairs and other items from the beach and dunes at the end of the day that could obstruct a seaturtle when nesting or emerging hatchling.

If you encounter sea turtle hatchlings on the beach or an emerging nest:
* Do not approach any sea turtle hatchlings, give them plenty of space.
* Do not carry, guide or help sea turtle hatchlings to the ocean.
* Do not shine any lights on or take flash photography of the hatchlings.

For more information, contact: 

Michelle Pate

Program Coordinator

SCDNR Marine Turtle Conservation Program

P.O. Box 12559

Charleston SC  29422-2559

Email: pates@dnr.sc.gov


#top Loggerhead Hatchlings Info o LBTS Security 843-237-2451 Homeowners


UPDATE: Litchfield By the Sea is making a major change in the way we control access to the Beach and the LBTS pool at River Club. This is the result of years of owners pushing for change to prevent unauthorized people from coming in without being the guest of an owner. We have been planning for this for years and are now being forced to do it now due to equipment and software being outdated and ineffective. Please be patient as this occurs. Much work and input has been done by a representative group of folks who live behind gates.

This link to a letter from the security committee explains the upcoming changes.  Security Update as of 10/20/15 http://litchfieldbythesea.com/security.html#taskforce

Dear Website Visitor,

Welcome to Litchfield By the Sea’s improved website.  The board of Litchfield By the Sea would like you to explore our improved website, designed for the first time visitor to our beautiful area and for the many owners that we support.  Litchfield By The Sea Community Association is a unique organization composed of 30 individual Property Owner Associations that have separate boards that regulate and maintain the place where you own or visit.  The River club community is the only area not covered by a separate POA, but are members direct to LBTS. Our approximately 2750 units are composed of Oceanfront Condos and private homes, off ocean condos, and homes on the ocean side campus. Condos and homes in River Club on the west side of Hwy 17.  Also on the west side of Hwy 17 are the associations in the Willbrook Plantation which contains single family homes and condos in gated and un-gated communities. Our property values for these units run from $100,000s to the millions.  As you can see, we have something for everyone.

On our website, http://www.litchfieldbythesea.com/homeowner.html  you will see a list of each of these POAs and in many cases there is a link, which they have provided to us, to their website for important information.  

All owners in these communities have access to the LBTS properties which include the Beach Club and Deck, Tennis Courts, Boardwalk with a fishing dock and observation pavilion adjacent to Osprey Lake, the crabbing dock across the boulevard, many biking and walking trails throughout the Ocean side campus.  LBTS also owns a swimming pool open to all members and guests on the River Club site.

Owners will find an owners site does not require a password to access.  There you will find the Board of Directors, important documents needed, the budget, the minutes of recent meetings, and almost anything an owner or prospective owner would need.  Special community and association matters that might affect you and your way of life are included.

Visitors will find copies of maps, rental agencies, current information, and links to services in the community that might be needed as you visit your beautiful beach community. Rules and regulations are on the site since we are very careful not to post “don’t/do” signs all over the property. I suggest you use the website to see information you can use while you are here as our guests.

Please enjoy our communities and let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you that is not on our website.

Contact the board members located on the website or call Waccamaw Management at 843-314=3448 with your questions that do not have answers on the website.


Bill McElroy, President

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Willbrook Road District

Ocean Temperature


Welcome to Pawleys Island W

Golf carts will need new bar codes permanently affixed to the cart.


Georgetown County Beach Rules and Regulations

Updated Rules

Oct 2015

 Rules and Regulations

Emergency Numbers

Click here for

New Bar Code Information

Waccamaw Library


About Us

Litchfield-by-the-Sea (LBTS) a unique beachside community in the heart of the South Carolina Low Country is located south of Myrtle Beach, north of historic Georgetown.

Our special community offers homeowners, visitors and vacationers a unique life style built around beach activities, tennis, golf, a private water park, walking, fishing, crabbing as well as biking and hiking paths which extend for miles through some of the loveliest marshlands. We are just three miles away from Brookgreen Gardens, the largest outdoor sculpture garden in the world.

LBTS is a magnificent community balancing progress, careful planning and bountiful natural resources.

Sea turtles nest in protected areas where conscientious neighbors quietly watch over their protected nesting locations.  Watching the moon rise over the ocean from the huge community deck is a popular evening activity. The beach stretches for eight miles making a paradise for bathers, walkers and runners.

During the summer months there's no better place to relax than on our beach with a good book or just to soak up the magnificent Carolina sunshine. The area offers an abundance of things to do.  We have it all; whether it is classes at nearby Coastal Carolina University, tours at our large wildlife sanctuaries at Brookgreen Gardens, Hobcaw Barony and Huntington State Park, or photographing the natural beauty that is all around you.   

Myrtle Beach, one of the country's top tourist destinations, is only a twenty minute drive away.  You will find a wide variety of excellent attractions to keep everyone happy including some the best shopping you will ever find including two large Tanger Outlets.

At the end of a relaxing and fun filled day you can choose from a wide selection of restaurants in the Pawleys Island area offering a variety of cuisines. _click here

Dear Litchfield by the Sea Homeowner,

Important Reminder

Old bar codes will no longer work.  Local residents are strongly encouraged to obtain your new bar codesOut of town residents, please mail  your application, along with copies of all vehicle registrations to Teresa Henderson, c/o Waccamaw Management, PO Box 2308, Pawleys Island, SC  29585.

Click to download Application Form


LBTS Traffic Pattern Changes (January 6, 2017)

Georgetown County has begun the second phase of the drainage enhancement project inside Litchfield by the Sea.

Effective immediately, part of Retreat Beach Circle (from the back gate to just after the entrance to Marsh Hawk) will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic until further notice in order to complete the second phase of the County’s drainage project.

If entering LBTS from the Front Gate, anyone traveling to an area other than Lakeside Villas or Marsh Hawk will need to turn left.  If entering LBTS from the South Gate (Owners’ Entrance), anyone traveling to a community other than Marsh Hawk will also need to turn left.

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience, but these much-needed repairs to the drainage system at Litchfield by the Sea will help protect the property from flooding and storm surges in the future.

Additionally, the crab and fishing docks will be closed during the project.

Please see the map below.

The BLUE indicates where the road will be closed.  The RED indicates the way to travel around the project.

We will continue to keep you updated as the project progresses.

Click here to see the map below.

 The blue arrow indicates where the road will be closed, there is no access after Lakeside Drive to Oyster Catcher Island. The red arrow indicates the way to travel around the project. We will continue to keep you posted as the project progresses.


Notice 1

Litchfield by the Sea has received notice that Myrtle Beach National will be demolishing the Tara Theatre Conference building.  This work will begin during the week of January 16th and will be completed by the of  February.  The company doing the work will approach the site from the old parking lot and resort road near the secondary Ocean Highway entrance.  Following the building’s removal, the area will be landscaped to tie into the existing wedding terrace.

Notice 2

The Litchfield by the Sea pool at River Club is now closed while much needed repairs are being performed.  The interior of the pool is being re-plastered and new LED lights and a variable speed motor have been installed.  We anticipate the pool re-opening in two to three weeks. 

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Litchfield-by-the-Sea is a fireworks-free zone.  
Fireworks are strictly prohibited.