The Beach House Rental is available ONLY FOR
MEMBERS (OWNERS) of LBTS Community Association.

Reservations can be made up to a year in advance by calling Kailey Mann  at Waccamaw Management at 843-237-9551. The beach club house is for owner’s use only and sponsorships are not permitted. Only social events hosted by a property owner are allowed. No commercial event, either profit or non-profit, may be held or conducted at the Beach Club House.

Rental of the Beach Club includes the inside of the Beach Club House and the adjoining north and west decks.  Handicap access must be allowed from the main deck to the handicap ramp (north ramp) at all times upon verbal request of the person or persons needing access.  Note:  the North ramp is designated handicap accessible and properly designated as such; thus the requests should be minimal.


A Security Deposit in the amount of $500 is due along with the rental fee upon execution of the Reservation Agreement.

All checks must be on the responsible LBTS owner’s personal account and personally signed.   All or part of your security deposit refund check will be sent within fourteen (14) days provided there are not excess cleaning requirements, security problems, or disturbances covered in the instruction sheet.

Reservations may be made one year in advance. Holiday reservations (New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) will be determined by lottery six (6) months out, if necessary.

Trash must be removed and the facility returned to the condition in which it was found by 11:59 pm on the day of the event.  All catered equipment must be removed and the facility left clean by the caterer by 9:00 am the day following the event. Remember, this is your property and it is your responsibility to maintain it properly.

Cancellations: All cancellations will forfeit one-half (1/2) the rental fee if not canceled more than ninety (90) days prior to the event. If LBTS is able to rent your canceled date, no cancellation fee will be collected.

 The LBTS owner who rents is personally responsible for following all of the rules explained on the operation of the Beach Club House check sheet. You are responsible for the behavior of your guests and any damages incurred to the property.

The Beach Clubhouse and decks are “No Smoking” areas.

The use of our beautiful facility is the responsibility of the LBTS owner signing the application. Security and comfort is to be maintained for all persons in the vicinity of the event in the building and on the north and west adjacent decks.

Beach Club House Check Sheet and Rules for
Litchfield by the Sea Members

1. The keys can be obtained from the Main Guard Gate of LBTS on the day of the rental.  Keys are to be returned no later than 11:59 pm the day of the event.

2. For security purposes, a guest list for non-members must be submitted to the main guard in advance and guests informed to arrive in time to get a visitor's pass.

3. The cleanliness and order of the event is the sole responsibility of the Owner renting the facility.  The outside decks should be used as described in the rental reservation information sheet.  The handicap access should never be blocked and "private party" signs not put up until necessary for the comfort of your guests or members and the security of outside arrangements.

  4. No decorations may be attached to the structure inside and out.

5. The furniture (tables and chairs) in the Club House will remain in the main room and not stored or stacked unless a request has been made at the time of the reservation to have them removed before your event.  The charge for removal and storage is $75.00.  

6. Parking in the roundabout at the Beach Club House is limited to loading and unloading only. Please move vehicles to the parking lots as soon as possible after your task is completed so others will have space to do the same.

7. Music is not allowed to be played loud enough to be heard outside the building. No music speakers, live music, or PA announcements allowed outside the building.

8. All flames, cooking items and heaters used on the outside must be confined to the west concrete deck area.

9. Activities are confined to the north and west deck areas provided in the rental agreement to allow homeowners usage of the Beach House deck. Therefore, group activities, photos, etc. are limited to those areas.

The Beach Club House and decks are “No Smoking areas.

10. No alcoholic beverages may be stored outside the building. Access to the catering kitchen is available via an outside door to the kitchen area.    

11. The doors must be locked and the rooms returned to their original condition and all trash and other articles removed at the conclusion of the event.

12. Security at LBTS is for the safety and assistance. If security is needed, call 843-237-2451. You agree to abide by security requirements.

Beach Club House Calendar Beach Club House License Agreement

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Beach Club House Rules 
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Beach Club House Rental Information

(New ½ Day Rental -See below)

For more information contact

Kailey Mann
Community Association Specialist

Waccamaw Management


See Rental Calendar

 Rental fees:

   All other days:                     $300

    Weekdays: $250

          Reservations may be made less than 30 days only

          Available Monday thru Thursday only

           ½ Day Rental 9am - 1pm  $75

           ½ Day Rental 2pm - 9pm  $100

             Private Deck NOT available with ½ day rental


Q: Who may rent the beach house?

A: The beach house is for LBTS members and Associations only.

Q: What constitutes a legitimate use of the beach house by LBTS Associations?

A: Event must be open to all members of the LBTS Association using the beach house.

Q: How many times a year may any LBTS Association use the beach house without fees?

A: Three (3) times a year.

Q: Who may use the beach house other than above?

A: Only groups which provide special services and or non-profits of our community.

Approval must be by the Director of LBTS.

Q: May I rent the facility for a non-LBTS member if I am in attendance?

A: No, sponsorships are NOT permitted. The beach house is for LBTS members only.

Q: What are the rental times?

A: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm or 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Half Day Rentals - Monday through Thursday) 10:00 am to 11:59 pm (Full Rental)

Q: May I use my own caterer?

A: Yes

Q: Are tables and chairs in the beach house?

A: Upon request, we have 10 six-foot folding tables and 48 folding chairs. Anything else, you will need to rent. (round tables, linens etc.)

Q: Can tents be put up on the north deck area that is part of the rental?

A: No, tents are not permitted.

Q: Is alcohol permitted?

A: Yes, however, it must be stored inside. If serving alcohol, LBTS must be named as an insured on your event liability policy.

Q: What is the number the beach house accommodates? A: Maximum occupancy is 101.

Q: Is there a sound system?

A: No, you would need to set up and provide.

Q: Can music be played outside?

A: No music, speakers, PA announcements are allowed outside.

Q: Is there video equipment for events?

A: There is a TV – video equipment, laptop etc, would have to be set up and supplied by the renter. Please ask for instructions.

Q: Do I have to clean up after my event?

A: Professional cleaning is included in the rental fee; however, ALL food and trash must be taken out at the end of the event. Anything left will be disposed of.

Q: Where do I secure the keys the day of the event?

A: Keys are signed out at the main LBTS guard gate the day of the event.

Q: Where do I return the keys?

A: Keys are to be returned the day of the event back to the main LBTS guard date.

Q: How do we make the North and West decks private?

A: There are chains and signs to attach to the end of the walkways in the kitchen in addition to Small cones for “private functions”

Q: What caterers have used the Beach House before?

A: Carefree Catering 2843-237-7503 Inlet Affairs: 843-651-2904

Q: What rental companies would have tables, chairs and linens? A: Event Works 843-492-7011

Beach House keys are to be returned to the Guards NO LATER than 11:59pm.

Georgetown County Noise Ordinance is 11pm; therefore, tear down and
clean up are to begin NO LATER than 11pm.

Beach House is closed for the remainder of the year

due to COVID-19 and social distancing laws